Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our first ear infection

Jack has his first ear infection. :( We did pretty good avoiding them for 2.5 years! The doctors/nurses are always surprised that he hasn't had ear infections since he was formula fed. Ha!

We took him to urgent care this morning because his cold just was NOT getting any better. It was getting worse. Sure enough, he has an infection in both ears and also an eye infection from rubbing snot in his eyes (ewwwwww, gross). My poor little guy.

As of tonight, his cough is also just getting worse, so I am worried about that. Oh, and it seems that the antibiotics are giving him diarrhea. Fun, fun. So we're making a call to the pediatrician tomorrow morning and maybe even making another trip in. They're going to start greeting us by our first names. Good thing we live not even a block from the doctor's office...we can walk there!

I am still feeling yucky, but hopefully I'll be on the mend soon. When I think of how horrible I feel, it makes me feel even worse for Jack because I can imagine how yucky it must be for him...not being able to fully communicate what's bothering him or what he needs to feel better.

And, to top everything off, our computer broke this morning! Seriously?!?! I'm having one of those days where I just want to yell "WHAT, LORD?!?!? What are You trying to teach me? What are You trying to get me to change? WHAT?!?!" So, Lonnie's at Wal-Mart right now, buying a desktop computer. On credit. Because we suck. I am hoping that we can at least access the hard drive of the broken laptop...all of our pictures are on there. We have them backed up on another hard drive up until we moved to MN, but the past 5 months of photos aren't backed up. Computers....such a hassle. It's pathetic that they've become such a necessary part of our life.

Please keep us in your prayers this week! It's going to be a long one.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the link in your siggy at mops. So I stopped by. :)

Sorry bout the ear infection. Our ds's was around 2 1/2 too.
And sorry about that computer! They are wonderful and aggravating all at the same time! ;-)

Young Mama