Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I don't really think it can be considered a vacation when you bring your toddler with you. Maybe for some people...but not us. Not with OUR toddler.

We knew going into this that Jack doesn't do well sleeping somewhere other than home. He held true to this and slept horribly the entire time. He was tired. He was grouchy. Which made mommy (and daddy) tired and grouchy.

Here's a few highlights of our trip -

*We got to visit Nana and Chuck. Jack was so excited to see them. He clapped his hands excitedly when we would pull up to their house or when we would visit Nana at work.

*We got to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Jack loves playing at their house and being able to wander around the two sides of the house. He also loves the little keyboard (piano) that they have. He's going to be a rock star.

*We got to visit Danyelle (Lonnie's sister) and her two daughters. Yay! Jack had so much fun with Grace and Allison. They are such precious little girls and are so good. They brought a pink doll stroller with them and it was Jack's favorite toy....ever. We're trying to find a blue one right now.

*We went to the pumpkin patch. Actually, we went to two. The first was with Nana and the second was with Grandma, Danyelle and the girls. Jack behaved the same at both - tired, grouchy, and full of tantrums. It was a blast.

*Jack did pretty well on both flights. It took constant entertaining, a portable DVD player, a bunch of new toys, lots of chocolate, candy, and other bad-for-you snacks...but we made it. Only a few outbursts. Oh, but don't worry, we still got plenty of eye-rolls and dirty looks from the business travelers around us.

*We aren't doing this again for at least three years. Seriously. We were all so tired and grouchy by the end of the trip. And, we all picked up nasty colds too. Stupid airplane air. Jack still isn't back to his "regular" sleeping routine at home and is just being a real challenge right now.

Here's some pictures from our "vacation!"

On Nana's computer

He's watching a movie. "Cars" to be exact. Do you think he's tired here?

Jack and Mommy feeding goats

"I'm taking a call right now, please be quiet." Taken at the airport.


mommastantrum said...

isn't that a yoga pose, down toddler? Ha ha. I am glad you made it home safe, and pray that you won't have to make it again until he is 25. they can all come visit you. (Now you need to work on the phone thing and the coffee thing or you are going to have SERIOUS trouble on your hands!!)

Anonymous said...

I love the pic of you and him feeding the goats! :)

Young Mama