Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some Pictures, That's All...

I'm not embarassed to say that we went to the Spam Museum last month (yes, they really have a museum for this stuff). We actually had a fun time. And, it was free. I've never tried Spam, and I don't plan on it in the near future, but I still had a good time.
("Hm? What was I doing? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. What's in my mouth? Definitely not your soda that I grabbed off the table. Definitely not that.")

("How you doin'?")


Cheryl said...

The Spam museum! LOL That's awesome! Kind of like the ramen museum that we went to in Japan. LOL

mommastantrum said...

WHAT A DOLL!! And you my dear look MARVALOUS!! I can't believe how big Jack is getting, and how much I miss you.

Spam museum? I guess I have heard it all now. Once I go there my food museum voyages will be complete - we visited the Corn Palace many moons ago. Although I will never try Spam. The name alone scares me!!