Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eye Update

Jack had an ophthalmology appointment earlier in the week and I just haven't updated on here because...well, because there really isn't anything new. The doctor is pleased that he keeps his left eye (the weak one) straight while he's looking through his glasses, but it's not as strong as he wants it to be. So, we are to continue with the homatropine drops to dilate his good eye (so he has to use his weak eye more), and he wants us to increase it to 3 times/week. He wants to see Jack back in two months and mentioned that he might have us go back to patching if he doesn't see more improvement with the weak eye. Patching every other day - on the days when we don't give him the eye drop. Kind of disappointing, but not horrible. Jack was a trooper through the whole appointment - even when we had to wait FIFTY minutes to see the doctor. (Yeah, I'm seriously considering finding a new one, just for that fact alone.)

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