Thursday, August 14, 2008

County Fair

The best fair picture, ever.

When we first went to look at the pigs, Jack was a little apprehensive about them. He wouldn't let me set him down and was clinging to me for dear life. About five minutes into walking around the pigs, he figured it was OK to be put down...and then he loved it. He got a kick out of this pig drinking water.

Enjoying some greasy, sugary fair donuts.

Yummmm, corndog.

There was a children's entertainer and she called some kids up onto the stage. Jack went up, but he was more interested in walking around the stage, touching the instruments and pulling on the microphones. In this picture, she's telling him to stay in line.

He stood in line for about 3 seconds. :)

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Anonymous said...

What a Rebel! :) We miss and love you guys!