Thursday, January 8, 2009

East & West

It seems that Jack has had somewhat of a compromised immune system...especially the last 2 years. He was catching EVERY bug and it always turned into a nasty cough that would keep us all up at night. He would be healthy for a couple of weeks (at the most) and then he would get sick again. I was tired of constantly going to our pediatrician and hearing the word "virus." If it wasn't a virus, then it was an ear infection. Through the suggestion of a friend, we took him to see a chiropractor. The thought was that if we could get him all "aligned" and get his nerves working right, then his immune system would be stronger (I'm sure there's much more to it than that, but that's what I remember at the moment).

He has been to the chiropractor 5 times and it's like a new kid....almost. He was quite healthy for a couple of months, and then he just came down with an ear infection Sunday night. Fever, cranky, lethargic, the works. So, I took him to see his pediatrician on Monday and sure's an ear infection. So, we load up on amoxicillin and ibuprofen.

He had a chiropractor appointment today. The chiropractor looks in his ears and says, "I disagree that he has an ear infection." His ears look great, although one of them is slightly red and inflamed. AND, the kid has so much wax in his ears that the doctor has a hard time seeing anything at all. (About that wax thing - first they tell you that you're not supposed to use q-tips on kids' ears and then I get all these comments that he has too much wax in his ears. What's a mom to do?) But, his neck has moved more at this visit than it did at any previous visits. And, Jack didn't cry this time (huge deal).

Obviously the chiropractic is helping. Jack's immune system is much stronger and we're not constantly dealing with a sick kid. This is especially impressive since this is his first year in school (during a Minnesota winter, none-the-less). Our pediatrician is all for the "alternative" treatment, in moderation. I feel like we're finding a nice balance between alternative and traditional medicine.

My problem is that I always feel ashamed to tell either doctor that I've taken him to someone else. Almost like cheating. It's like I have to confess to them that I'm "seeing someone" outside of their practice and I'm just waiting for them to tell me what a bad person I am. But, it hasn't happened. Both doctors are wonderful and understanding of the whole situation. And I feel like we're doing what's best for our son.

I finally feel like we've done something right in this whole parenting thing!


Anonymous said...

haha...Finally! It's about time you two did something right :)

Givinya De Elba said...

Glad this is working for you! I think you've been doing things right for about 3+ years now, haven't you? Josh and Shanna's comment notwithstanding - family can say that sorta stuff, and we understand! (They sounds as cool as you and Lonnie!)

Mrs. Tantrum said...

Okay, he is your what works best for him. Also your doctors should understand that, if they don't then you need to find another one who does. I know that there is a homeopathic ear drop that a friend of mine uses on her son who has ear wax that you wouldn't believe...ask your chiro about it. It will eliminate q tip thing, and dissolve the wax build up. Also a qtip now and then does not hurt...just be clear tha only mommy and daddy can do this.