Monday, February 2, 2009


Thanks for your encouragement. I was having a bad day. I was typing the last post as Jack was screaming while Lonnie was trying to give him a bath and get him to bed. It was a long day. We were all very tired. Not all moments are like that. I was just at the point where I needed to get it all out...and you all got to be the recipients of that lovely vent!

We had Jack's preschool conference this morning with his teacher. It went really well. As we already knew, he is doing great at school. There are a few things he needs more work on (doing activities independently, identifying emotions, some communication skills), but he is meeting all of his IEP goals. His IEP (Individualized Education Program) "expires" next fall, so we will review the whole thing at that time. He will most likely go to a school-funded preschool next year. It's not quite "mainstream" preschool, but there will be neurotypical kids in his class, along with some special education kids. He will have a "regular" teacher and a special education teacher at the same time. It sounds like it will really be a great thing for him. Kind of a halfway point between special education and mainstream school. And then the year after that will be kindergarten. OH MY!

His teacher gave us some good ideas on how to manage Jack better at home. Ways to help him communicate his frustrations better and ways to help us deal with tantrums, screaming, etc. Hopefully some if it works!

Again, thanks to everyone for your encouragement. We know that God gave us Jack for a very specific purpose. He is our child for a reason. We are learning to lean on God more than we've ever had to before. We are learning so much through this process. Both mentally and spiritually. :)

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Sara said...

I'm glad the conference went well and that the teacher was able to give you some good tips. Jack sounds like a tough but wonderful kid. I'm hoping and praying that you will be encouraged and find some new direction in dealing with Jack's issues.