Thursday, October 25, 2007

Can we say, "growth spurt?"

Jack cleaned his plate at breakfast. I think this is the first time ever. (Well, maybe I exaggerate...but it's been a long time since he ate everything I gave him.) He ate two banana pancakes and drank a whole thing of Danimals yogurt. After he was done at the table, he ate two more pancakes and an orange while he was watching cartoons. Wow. Then he had crackers while we were in the car and almost a whole piece of chocolate chip/banana coffee cake at Starbucks. All before lunch. Then he had 1/2 a bowl of noodles and some more yogurt. (I'm pumping yogurt into him because he's on some strong antibiotics for his ears. Hopefully it will help his tummy.) We'll see how the afternoon goes. I might have to go grocery shopping again! :)
He's definitely turned the corner as far as this bug goes. He's feeling much better and playing much more. Praise the Lord! :)

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Anonymous said...

It was good talking to you the other day...I hope we can see you guys soon! We miss you and love you guys! Good luck with the 'big boy' bed!