Monday, October 22, 2007

Ear Infection/Pinkeye x 2

Apparently, my body wants me to understand everything that Jack is going through right now. So, I have also managed to get an ear infection and eye infection. Woohoo! It seems that maybe he is finally on the mend now, and I am getting worse. Which is fine. I would much rather be sick than have him be sick. just sucks the life out of me! I had a hard time finding energy this evening to play with him. And he was so full of play.

One more vent about this whole "sick" thing...prescriptions/insurance/doctor bills are just no fun. I have to remind myself that I am thankful that we even have insurance...but sometimes I expect it to do more for us. My doctor prescribed a strong antibiotic (because, apparently my ear looks "nasty," in his professional opinion) that doesn't have a generic. So I got to pay $50 for 7 pills. Grrrrrrrrr. Again, thankful that we have insurance, but not so thankful when it doesn't do what I expect it to. So, I got to get told what I already knew for the mere price of $70. Yessss!

Jack has an ophthalmology appointment on Wednesday (unless they won't see him because of his eye infection) for a check-up. He's been turning his left eye in more with his glasses on, and I figured we should get it checked out, to see if he needs a new prescription. Which would be perfect timing (not) because we just ordered a spare pair of glasses with his current prescription! I take a lot of pictures of Jack in the bathtub (because that's when he's happiest!), but I am always hesitant to post them because of his eyes. His left eye turns in a lot without his glasses on and it looks funny. But, he is still my precious boy and looks adorable no matter what his left eye is doing. :) Here's a shot from bathtime tonight.


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Givinya De Elba said...

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