Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Oh, it's so painful. :( These are the things that no one can explain to you before you become a mom and experience it yourself. The pain that you feel when your child feels pain. I know our experience is very minor compared to other's...but it is still very real for me.

Jack has to wear an eye patch (or as we like to call it, eye STICKER!) on his right eye. Thankfully, it is only for 2 weeks. But it is a major struggle to get this patch on his face. It takes both of us to hold him down and then to apply it. Meanwhile, he is screaming his little head off. Once the patch is on, he cries "take off, mommy. Take off!" And then I start crying. And then he cries because I cry. Which makes me cry harder. Notice a pattern? I want to tell him, "I want to take it off! This is not my choice!" I want to be able to explain to him that it's only for 2 weeks and that it will help his eyes be better. But, that can't be explained to a two year-old. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it is to have to wear a patch over one of your eyes. And not understand why it's being done. A bonus - it hurts him when we take it off too. So we get a wrestling match when we put it on and when we take it off. Oh, Lord, help me.

To top things off, he also has an ear infection. AGAIN. We made it two years before having an ear infection...and now we've had two in one month. Some things just aren't fair.

I just want to take his troubles away and make them my own. But, I can't. Never will be able to. In the meantime, I am snuggling him lots (even when he doesn't want to be snuggled) and spending some good quality time with him. I just can't help but cry in the midst of this trial.


John & Mon said...

Hey Steph,

It's Monica. I know it doesn't take the pain away but maybe it may be some sense of comfort... I've know several kids who have had to do the "eye stickers" (which by the way, putting a sticker on it.. make it easier sometimes, or drawing on it beforehand.) and two of which who have had to go through the surgery. Which BOTH has wonderful outcomes. I know you'll still feel the pain and want to take it away. But I hope that this will make you day a little less stressed.


The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

hey steph- sounds so frustrating. i remember working with a ped ophthalmologist in Oly and we had to have little ones do the patching all the time! as a parent, i have so much more sypathy- seems like such an impossible task! keep up the good work- will be praying for you. Candace