Sunday, November 11, 2007


Jack and I are sick....again. :( I am exhausted. There was maybe a week or so where we weren't sick. And, then we caught it again. Now I am paranoid of THE GERMS. They are my sworn enemy. Today I spent a good portion of my day killing THE GERMS. Lonnie and I sprayed of Jack's toys with Lysol. And then wiped them all down (I am not sure if this is an absolutely necessary step, but it's what the directions say to do). I cleaned the bathroom top to bottom. And I mean cleaned. Lysol was my friend today. The whole house smells like Lysol. Which tends to get overpowering after awhile. Tomorrow I plan on attacking Jack's room with the anti-GERM stuff. And the kitchen too.

Unfortunately, we have a bunch of moms and kids coming over for a potluck on all of my hard work will be un-done. I will just have to start all over. Because THE GERMS need to learn that they will never survive here. I will triumph. We will be healthy.

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