Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fake 'n Bake

It is a strong tradition in our family to decorate sugar cookies for Christmas. If we didn't follow this tradition, it might as well not be Christmas at all. It is an EVENT. The last two years, we have had the joy of being able to decorate cookies with Josh & Shanna. It was a lot of fun and we missed them so much this year. But, this was the first year that Jack was able to get in on the decorating fun. He did really well for 20 minutes or so. The sprinkles were, by far, his favorite part.

Doesn't he just look thrilled?

A sampling of Jack's cookie art.

I usually use homemade sugar cookie dough, but it never turns out right. I use my mom's recipe (which has been proven successful for 20-some-odd years), but I just can't get them right. So, this year I did the unthinkable - I bought sugar cookie dough. Oh my. I felt guilty the entire time. Until I tasted them. Yum. They are delicious! I think I might continue using that in years to come. Just don't tell anyone, OK? :)

The aftermath (it might not look that bad, but you should've seen the floor - THOUSANDS of little sprinkles. Thank goodness for a good vacuum.)


Anonymous said...

OH!! I wish we could have been there to decorate with you! It has been such a wonderful past time for us!! Girls VS. Boys! We both miss you guys very much!!

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

what a fun tradition!! looks colorful and yummy! Merry Christmas Steph! love you.

Anonymous said...

remembering the special times this was for our family and feeling a such joy that you are carrying on the tradition... just look at the concentration on that sweet boys face as he decorates that cookie...watch out, before you know it, he will be decorating cookies with his kids!
i love you and miss you so much!
love, mom