Sunday, December 23, 2007

Why having a kid is fun

Lately, we've been struggling with the reality that having a toddler makes life difficult sometimes. Jack demands our attention at all times and loves to throw some awesome tantrums. Yesterday, there were several things that made us realize why life would be so boring without a toddler around.

We watch the movie "Toy Story 2" at least once a day. Buzz and Woody are as much a part of our family as Lightening McQueen now. (Which, if you knew how obsessed Jack was with would understand that this is a huge deal.) Jack is in love with it. We, however, are extremely bored by it. So, we've made it our new hobby to find interesting things in these animated movies. Yesterday we were at the part of the movie where Hamm (the pig) is flipping through the channels to find the commercial for Al's Toy Barn. He is flipping extremely fast and we decided to slow it down to see what all of the commercials were on the tv. I knew there had to be something interesting in there. You won't believe what we found!

They put boobies in "Toy Story 2"! I was shocked. This clip goes by sooooo fast though. How's that for movie trivia! (Really, we have way too much time on our hands.)

We've also discovered that things that we thought were junk can be re-purposed for hours of entertainment. Take this cat toy/scratcher-thing for instance...

The cat has never used it. Never even smelled it. I was ready to toss it. But, then Jack found it. It is now his SPACESHIP and it is SO COOL.

He walks around with it and scares the dog.

And he sits in it to watch tv.
He loves it. I don't even know why we buy the kid toys anymore. Just find some random junk in the house and name it something cool! :)

Last, but definitely not least, Jack makes us laugh. Here is what happened last night that had us both cracking up.

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