Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Lately I have been reminded of how the Lord has blessed us since moving to Minnesota. This was not an easy move for us (well, at least for ME). It has taken me way out of my comfort zone and immersed us in a different culture (trust me on this one), different climate, and different surroundings. I questioned God a lot before moving here. Everytime I prayed, I kept hearing God say "Minnesota." And then I would stop praying. I didn't want to hear Minnesota. I wanted to hear "Arizona" or "California." But, God made it clear that He wanted us here. And, we have been so blessed for taking that leap of faith and moving to the [cold, weird, flat, small-town, frigid, no-ocean, cold] midwest. I just wanted to share some of what's been happening in our lives...

I have gotten involved in MOMS Club and MOPS. Jack and I have activities to go to several times a week. I am starting to make FRIENDS. Real friends. Not close friends yet, but I think we're on our way there. This is huge to me. I don't think I could survive without friends. Especially mommy friends.

We found a church that we love. It was only the 2nd church we attended here and we've felt very at home there. Lonnie has been volunteering to do sound during services and he has met some friends that way. We attended a small group for a short time, but are going to have to find a new one went way too late at night and Jack just couldn't handle it. :)

Lonnie's job is going great. He's enjoying working at home and I enjoy having him here. There are several things we've had to adjust to, but it has been a blessing overall. He is able to watch Jack when I have a doctor's appointment or need to get out of the house for a bit. I am pretty sure I've gotten spoiled by having him home and will miss him if he ever needs to get a "real" job. :)

Little things. We have an amazing pediatrician. I have a great doctor. Our house meets our needs. It's very pretty when the sun is out and the snow is on the ground. I like living on a dead-end street. I like our grocery store. We have great community-education opportunities - Jack is starting a swim class later this month!

Anyway...I just wanted to share a little of what God has been doing in our lives. Thanks for listening!


mommastantrum said...

I am so glad that you have found the blessings in Minnesota. And I am certain that the spring and summer will be wonderful there too. (Think lots of warm and not a lot of rain.) Although we miss you here I know that God has you there now for a reason, and we will see you again soon.

I also hope that Jack's eyes are getting better. I am praying every day that battle gets easier for you. I can't imagine how hard that is for you.

If you need anything you know where we are. Love, Faith

Anonymous said...

We are both very excited for you and we are praying for continuous blessings in your life! We miss you guys, very, very, very much! We love you guys much, Auntie Nan and Uncle Dragon!!

Princess said...

Hi, Glad to see your blog. Its so wonderful that you answered God's voice and leading, blessings will follow. I really enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for sharing. I'm looking to interview work at home parents for my blog if your husband is intersted. Its at Thanks!

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

Steph- that is so awesome to hear! I am so glad you are right in the place God has for you and that you are thriving in it. Way to go friend!