Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eye Update

Disappointing. :(

Good news - we really liked the new doctor! He is much more kid friendly and really took his time with Jack and was very nice and patient. He said that there has been some progress with the patch, but not enough.

And so, the bad news - Jack will be patched another SIX weeks along with Atropine drops in his good (left) eye. Atropine drops make his eye dilate A LOT (and therefore make his vision constantly blurry in his left eye). Last time we used them, we just used them for 2 days and his eyes stayed dilated for 2 weeks. Not my idea of fun. So now we are supposed to use them for six weeks, 2 times a week. Ugh. My poor boy. He is such a trooper through all of this.

We will see the doctor again in six weeks for another full exam and probably get a prescription for bifocals. They will put him in bifocals so he can have a stronger prescription to see up close and a weaker prescription to see far away. Right now, he is only turning his eye in (with glasses on) when he focuses on objects up close.

That's all.

I am trying very hard to praise God that my son has vision and that we are treating this problem early on.

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