Monday, February 11, 2008

8 years ago today, I went on my last first date. It was a blind date, at that. Well, semi-blind. I had seen a picture of him, but he hadn't seen a picture of me. How trusting of him! We met online...back in the day before meeting online was "normal." No dating service, no matchmakers. He was searching for people from his hometown through the instant messaging profiles. I popped up. We didn't go to school together, but we had lived close to each other. He sent me an IM and we struck up a conversation. Over the next week, we talked online and on the phone. We were both very interested in the other. So, we went on a date. He picked me up at my parents' house and met my mom. (Why in the world did my mom let me go out with a guy I met on the internet??? This baffles me. But, I am glad she did.) We went to see a movie and have dinner. We saw this movie. I would not recommend it. At all. Especially for a date movie. Then we had dinner at Olive Garden. We waited for 50 minutes for a table. We sat on the bench in the front of the restaurant, waiting for a table and I remember thinking, "Is he going to hold my hand? My hand is right next to his. Is he going to hold it?" He was wearing khakis, a white button-up shirt and a tie. A tie with Looney Tunes on it - another thing I wouldn't recommend. I was wearing a red blouse with black pants. (Looking great, I might add.) We talked all through dinner and all the way home (to my parents' house). Once we got home, we just didn't want to say goodnight yet. So we went inside and watched SNL. We laughed. We talked. We kissed. (shhhhhh....) We said goodbye. I went to bed. I held my breath. Would he call again? I was almost sure he wouldn't call again. Needless to say, he called again. And again. And again. After only 3 months of dating, he proposed. After 3 months of being engaged, we were married.

8 years ago my life changed forever. Because of that date, I have an amazing husband and a wonderful son.

Thank you, God, for bringing us together on that first date. Your plans are sometimes much different than ours, but they are always greater. :)

(Sorry, I don't have any cute pictures on the computer from when we were dating. I'll see if I can get something later!)


mommastantrum said...

A looney toons tie is perfect for the first date with hubby!!! (I know....because my hubby is a Taz freak!!!) And short courtships are a sign of long marriages and perfect little boys, something I think that our moms knew and we didn't yet know.....HOW WISE MOMS ARE!!! Congratulations on 8 years....we are almost to 10, gasp, gulp and shudder all at once....and if all goes well we will be somewher warm and tropical when it hits. (Without the lovely baby boy.) But if not it will be magical the same - the same way that first date was, although more magical because we have been together longer now and are wiser - about ties and blouses!!
Love, Faith

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh how lovely, thankyou for that gorgeous story! 8 years, congratulations! It's nearly 10 years for us now (well, 12 since we met), and yes, little boys are amazing (and their baby sisters are pretty good too)! Happy Valentines Day :)

From Kate (Qld, Australia, who loves your blog.)

PS Have you ever been on a church camp? I recently wrote a skit based on my own camp experiences. Check it out: and tell me if any of it's happened to you!