Saturday, February 23, 2008

On Ice

It seems that the month of February is lacking in pictures. I have no idea why! It has become increasingly difficult to take pictures of Jack because he is always on the move and when he sees the camera he really wants to hold it (then the whining and tantrum follow).

We were so excited to have a visit from Nana (my mom) earlier this month. Jack was thrilled. Nana's been gone for almost a week now and Jack asks every morning to "go see Nana." It's a tough concept to grasp for him. We were just watching this video, and he kept waving to Nana and saying "Hi Nana!"

We had a wonderful visit and we were all sad when she left. Jack has had a hard time adjusting to life at home without Nana around - he still thinks that someone will do whatever he wants and give him whatever he asks for! (I know, I know - that's what grandmas are for!)

Jack had an ophthalmology appointment this week. We're done with patching! We are excited about that. However, he'll have to have atropine eye drops in his "good" eye to blur his vision for quite some time (the doctor said that he would most likely have some sort of blurring drop in that eye until he is 9 years old). That will make his left eye work harder and hopefully strengthen it. I am kind of sad about this...I can't imagine having my vision in one eye blurred for 7 years! We are considering getting a second opinion from a pediatric ophthalmologist...we'll see how the next 6 weeks go (until we see the doctor next). He is also getting a bifocal lens in his glasses for his right eye. He will have a stronger prescription for seeing up close and a weaker prescription for seeing distance. This should help with his eye turning in when he focuses on things up close (which he is still doing). Whew!

Here is Jack "singing" along with the ABCs. He has really gotten into singing lately and I am trying to catch it on camera (not an easy task!). :)

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